Bucket Bush Fits Case

Manufacture high quality replace aftermarket buckey pins and bushings, bearings ,shafts,wear strips. fits to replace Hitachi, komatsu,caterpillar,volvo; excavator bucket bush,digger bucket bush, backhoe bucket bush,tractor bucket bush,Hardened Steel Bushes for Diggers/Excavators.

case bearing bushing
case bush pin bearing
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Our bushings are of excellent quality and manufactured in high quality materials 40Cr 20MnCr ,20CrMo, 20CrMnTi

Heat& Surface Treatment

Tempering, High Frequency Quenching ,Carburizing, phosphating Vulcanizing Depth 0.8 to 1.0mm reaching a surface hardness HRC= 56/62 ,have the proper ratio between wear strength and elasticity.

lubrication type

Our bushings are plain or to improve lubrication some types are complete with radial oil holes and inner lubrication grooves, Spiral grooves,Dual-8 shape oil grooves,Cross shape grooves,trip-circle oil grooves, oil pits etc